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Sunday, November 02, 2003


Boneyard Vol. Two
By Richard Moore
Published by NBM

Halloween may be over, but the supernatural thrills continue in Richard Moore's Boneyard, a tongue-in-cheek ensemble comedy featuring a cast of monstrous characters who serve to make the life of cemetary owner Michael Paris very complicated indeed.

Volume Two of this delightful series is in a new, standard graphic novel size -- the same dimensions as the original, floppy comics it collects (#5-8). NBM plans to reissue the first collection at this new size, and I think the series will benefit -- the oversized first volume was fine, but the pleasures of Boneyard are intimate, and it somehow seems a fitting change.

Paris is coming to grips with his new role among all these monsters in this new series, and while he still is capable of being surprised by the freakishness of their community, you can see that he is coming to value being part of a family, even one as bizarre as this. So of course, the universe conspires to make him uncomfortable in the form of an IRS audit, but it turns out the government agent may have a few secrets he's afraid of having uncovered (as it were) himself.

My favourite character here remains Abbey the vampire, and Moore is taking his time in developing the relationship between her and Michael -- their relationship is as charming as it is funny, and I am rooting for it to be permanent.

That's a key appeal of Boneyard, in that among all the gags and comedic situations, Moore remembers to give us stories featuring unique individuals we can sympathize with and laugh with, not just at. NBM is to be congratulated for continuing to collect the individual issues in these terrific graphic novels, highly recommended for readers of all ages. Grade: 4/5


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