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Sunday, October 12, 2003

NYX -- So we're in the comics shop yesterday, and as I always semi-kiddingly ask my wife, I said "See anything you're interested in?" Imagine my surprise when she grabbed a copy of Marvel's new NYX #1.

Up until now the only comic she's really liked has been Optic Nerve, but I think the Joshua Middleton artwork intrigued her about NYX, so I put a copy in the small pile of comics I was grabbing to keep me entertained over the three-day weekend.

As it turned out, we both read NYX at the same time because I like Middleton's art (although I really wish I was reading his apparently aborted Sky Between Branches instead), and while I thought the story was a little rote in nature, it was readable and Middleton's art looks better than ever.

The punchline here is the final two pages (and here, have a juicy SPOILER WARNING):

When my wife got to the final page, she asked me what had happened, why one of the characters now had a broken arm? I explained to her that on the page previous the lead character's mutant power had manifested itself and she had stopped time and broken her tormentor's arm.

"Mutant power?" She was stunned and clearly annoyed. She had thought that the book was going to be a realistic story about big-city teens. I pointed out the "X" in the title and the Marvel logo on the cover and told her that you would never get such a story from Marvel.

"Why not?"

I didn't have an answer for that one -- not one that would satisfy her disappointment, anyway.

On the bright side, aren't we due for a new Optic Nerve sometime soon...?


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