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Monday, October 13, 2003

Good Stuff -- The biggest surprise in comics for me last week was Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore's The Walking Dead, published by Image. The book is extremely well done, the story of a cop who is shot on duty and wakes up less than 28 Days Later to find that he has to make a Stand in a world that has been overrun by zombies. Why is he The Last Man? Well, he's not, but he sets off to find his family, who have taken refuge in a bigger city in hopes of being protected by the military, who have ceded the smaller towns to those brain-eatin' dipshit zombies.

Seriously, Kirkman and Moore (who recently did the Brit one-shot, which was best described as "Strange Killings that doesn't suck") turn out a first-rate effort in The Walking Dead, it really surprised me just how good it was. As Halloween approaches, you could do far worse if you're looking for something spooky to read.

One other recent read I want to recommend is Lynda Barry's 100 Demons, which collects some autobiographical comix essays about things that have haunted her life. This gorgeously produced full-colour hardcover reaches deep into Barry's emotional recesses and will leave you wiser about your life and the lives of those around you. It's also pretty goddamned funny, as you might expect from Barry. As a bonus there's a wonderfully illustrated guide to her working method in the book's closing pages. An unexpectedly generous offering in the manner of Chris Ware's recent ACME Novelty Library Datebook.


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