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Saturday, October 04, 2003

An Actual Good Retail Experience -- Stopped in at the Coconuts in Queensbury, NY last night looking for the Mer de Nom CD by A Perfect Circle (the Tool spinoff group's first album, from 2000). While I was looking for it among ten million copies of their current disc Thirteenth Step, my daughter checked that one out at a listening station and decided she loved it (apparently hearing me play it at home hadn't registered). So, finding Mer de Nom, I took it up to the register to pay for it, and the woman behind the counter actually pointed out to me politely that it was the band's old CD, in case I was making a mistake and looking for their new disc. When I told her I had the new one and wanted to get the earlier offering, she opined that Mer de Nom was the better album, which is what I've heard, and I told her that. We then had a brief conversation about the merits of the two CDs and about my first exposure to Tool through their CD Lateralus (which she was a fan of).

A small thing, but it's so rare to find a clerk that knows anything about what they're selling, or cares enough about their customers to steer them to what they actually want, that I was really impressed by this brief conversation.

Unfortunately, I haven't actually had time to listen to the CD yet. Hopefully today.


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