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Thursday, November 28, 2002

Temporal Sophistry -- The sophistry of conventional calendar and clock distortions to suit personal or regional paradigms infuriates me in this 24-hour world we now live in. Maybe I was ahead of the curve because I worked the overnight shift in radio for a decade, but it's so silly to me that we have seperate time zones, goddamned Daylight Saving Time and all the other stupid, provincial limitations we place on what are, for all intents and purposes here on Planet Earth, fairly objective facts.

Mark Evanier explains one such annoyance right here.

What I want, y'see, is one Global Time. When it's 1300 hours on the other side of the world, it should be 1300 hours here, and we should be intelligent enough and mature enough to accept that at 1300 hours, it's goddamned dark out.

You might think that sounds silly, but it would be nice, when watching the news, to know that if the anchor says something happened in some other part of the world "at 6 o'clock this morning," we could all know what that means. Global Time. Part of a Grown-Up World.



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