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Saturday, November 02, 2002

Nirvana -- If you've ever read my Kurt Cobain thing, you know I think Cobain and the music he made with Nirvana will endure. Nothing that's happened since his death in 1994 has changed my mind about that one bit. The new Nirvana CD convinces me even more.

Leading off with the previously-unreleased You Know You're Right was a brilliant idea. Instead of soaking in nostalgia before finally revealing it as a tacked-on afterthought, leading off the disc with this astonishingly contemporary sonic attack acknowledges right up front that not only was the band ahead of its time, but it still is. The song is nearly a decade old and sounds like the signal effort of a new wave in rock. Of course, it also emphasizes just how much was lost when Kurt died.

That day in April nearly a decade ago was a tragedy both personal and generational. Nirvana celebrates the best of the band and shows definitively why the pain remains so acute, so many years later.



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