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Wednesday, October 09, 2002

Working for the Man -- You may recall a few months back that the financial problems of comics creator William Messner-Loebs came to light -- he and his wife had suffered some setbacks and were in serious trouble.

A new online comic -- an e-comic readable on a free, downloadable reader -- is coming out soon from the folks at Unbound Comics. Here's the line-up of talent:

William Messner-Loebs
Mark Campos
A.J. Duric & Salgood Sam
Donna Barr
Lorna Miller
Tatiana Gill
Greg Vondruska
Sam Kieth
Greg McCann
Stephen R. Bissette
Jed Alexander
P. Craig Russell
Dirk Deppey
Neil Kleid
Janet K. Harvey & John Roberson
Eric Millikin & Casey Sorrow
Alan David Doane
Charles Alverson & Sam Henderson
Charles Alverson &John Roberson
Klaus Pendleton
Peter Kuper
Joe Blackmon & John Roberson
David Lasky
Chad Parenteau
Gary Groth
Ted Rall
John Garcia

Now, what my name is doing on there amid people like P. Craig Russell, Ted Rall, Gary Groth, Peter Kuper, Donna Barr, Steve Bissette and the rest, I have no idea -- but you have to admit that even with my name on the list, it's still an impressive lineup of talent. You know you want to read this book, and you know that your purchase (I don't know how much this will be, but I guarantee you it won't make a huge dent in your wallet) will go toward making Bill and Nadine's financial situation a little less dire.

More details on this as they come, but I'm asking you now to please consider setting aside some money for this project, which should be coming your way in a few weeks. Stop by Unbound Comics now and download the free reader so you'll be read to roll when Working for the Man goes public, and maybe drop a buck or three now and see what Unbound has to offer.



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