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Friday, October 11, 2002

Flashback: April 1st, 2001 -- This remains one of the high points of the Galaxy's existence.

Comic Book Galaxy Partners with CrossGen

CrossGen Comics publicist Ian Feller today announced the company has signed the entire staff of Comic Book Galaxy to exclusive contracts.

The acquisition of The Galaxy's talent is seen by CrossGen's owner as the next, logical step in their positioning in the comic industry. "This is the jewel in the CrossGen crown," said company president Mark Alessi. "These writers have held out longer than any other artists in the industry."

The exact figure settled on in the contracts was not disclosed.

Galaxy Editor-in-Chief Alan David Doane said "This is the natural progression of comic websites. With this move we can assure our continued existence for our readers, while allowing key Galaxy staffers to finally get what they deserve. Plus, we get to move to Florida!"

The site will also maintain its journalistic credibility, though it will now only review CrossGen books. "This is an unusual move, but it makes sense from a number of perspectives," said CrossGen writer Mark Waid. "Alan, Caleb, the two guys named Chris, these guys are the guys who ultimately shape public opinion on everything I do. Knowing they get paid by the same guy I do, it seems to me, levels the playing field and ensures a more fair journalistic atmosphere for everyone involved."

If I recall correctly, the "press release" was the idea of Joe Lawler, and then I tweaked it a bit. It was apparently pretty convincing, as more than one comics news site picked it up as genuine news. The last paragraph still makes me laugh.



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