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Friday, October 04, 2002

An e-mail from Mark -- And here it is:

Dear Alan,

You suck! You suck, you suck, you suck!

Yes. Yes, I do.

And before you go thinking this is just a stupid hate-mail from a
stupid reader, let me say that it's your writing style that brings out my
belligerence. I can't stand your haughty attitude, and the fact that I
have to sift through your political opinions (whether I agree or not) and ramblings about your personal life on a site about COMICS consistently irritates me. I really enjoy a writer who can add a personal touch to a piece, but the touch has to relate to the subject matter. If it's completely off-topic, it's just distracting. If you want to complain about the president, or talk about your life, open up addpolitics.com or addlife.com, and just shut up and stick to comics on CBG.

Okay. Sorry. I apologize for letting you down. It won't happen again. I promise.

Sorry for the rant. I also have to say that you strike me as one of the most passionate and honest men out there, and there are no two qualities in a person that I respect more. So while I might disagree with some of the content you put up, I admire the resolve with which you do it.

I'm not an in-depth comic book reader like yourself. In fact, I'm a
poor college student with meager funds to spend, and I mainly stick to the "sooperhero" books, as you like to call them. Feel free to heap your disdain on me. I can take it.

I actually depleted my last heap of disdain on Thursday, and the delivery guy won't be here until Monday. Sorry again. I keep letting you down, and I feel really bad about that.

I found the Galaxy by way of "Life of Reilly" (Which was a great column), but I've stuck around since then, obviously.

I liked "Life of Reilly." I'm not sorry we had it here. The people that were interested in it loved it and the people who hated it really hated it. What more could a passionate ball of suck like me ask for?

The reason I'm writing is not to bitch at you (though, I couldn't help myself... I guess you just bring that out in people, if your reputation is to be believed), believe it or not.

I have a reputation?

It's actually about Frank Miller.

Ah. I really liked Klaus Janson's inks on Miller's Daredevil run.

Let me just say that YOU WERE RIGHT about DK2. It was atrocious. But now that all the hoopla has died down, I'm curious about your comments on his previous Batman works, The Dark Knight Returns and Year One. I know you hold Year One in higher esteem, and I disagree. I think Dark Knight is a better story, because it's as much about Bruce Wayne as it is about Batman, whereas Year One focuses only on Batman. However, I'm really curious as to why you prefer Year One.

I don't agree that DKR is about Bruce Wayne but that BY1 isn't. Firstly, I subscribe to the theory that Bruce Wayne as a personality died when his parents were killed before his eyes, and that Bruce is merely a tool of Batman. Second, I think BY1 focuses more on the humanity of Batman, in large part thanks to the humanistic and naturalistic art of David Mazzucchelli, who, along with J. Michael Straczynski and Bill Sienkiewicz, I am happy to say, I know how to spell without looking up.

I'd love to see you do a detailed comparison of the two. I suppose this is nothing more than a request, really, but I'd appreciate it ifd you'd at least consider it.

I won't say it's not possible, but it's not going to happen any time soon. But I appreciate the suggestion.

Thanks, and keep up the passion.

Okay. Sorry again about the letting you down with the sucking and all.


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