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Monday, September 30, 2002

Not in Our Name -- If you're as disgusted as I am by the political opportunism and transparent, war-mongering machinations of President-Select Bush and his junta of thugs and drunks, please take a moment to consider signing on to the Not in Our Name project.

The project statement is a powerful call to action by U.S. residents who have, in the majority, done nothing while their government stripped some of its citizens of their rights and waged war that has to date killed thousands of innocents abroad:

We believe that people of conscience must take responsibility for what their own governments do -- we must first of all oppose the injustice that is done in our own name. Thus we call on all Americans to RESIST the war and repression that has been loosed on the world by the Bush administration. It is unjust, immoral, and illegitimate. We choose to make common cause with the people of the world.

...and there's much more. Stop by Not in Our Name's web site, read the document, and if it reflects your beliefs about the current state of disastrous U.S. policies by the illegal, unelected Bush junta, sign on and make a contribution if you can.



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