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Saturday, September 28, 2002

Ketchup -- I read Warren Ellis and Darick Robertson's final Transmet this week, and you know, they wrapped that up nicely. The resonance with the first issue set the proper tone, and the surprise ending was both hilarious and touching -- a fitting reward for readers who've hung in for all these years. I can't say I'm not glad it's over -- but the ending really summed up nicely the overriding themes of the series.

I got through about half of the second episode of Firefly, and gave up. The series is a dead-in-the-water stinker, with no hope of salvation. The core idea is very, very bad, and it doesn't get any better anywhere else along the way.

My wife finally got her car back yesterday after a week in the shop, preceeded by just five or six hours of ownership. I have serious doubts that it won't break down again; I'm a big believer in the law of averages and when a car breaks down twice in the first 6 hours you have it, well, that does not bode well for the future. But she has it back and in fact is out there driving around even as I type these words. She has a CD player in her car; I have a cassette deck that doesn't work. In this regard, at least, yes, I am a bit jealous.

Mark Millar is to be applauded for his disturbing new interview with Mark Alessi. CrossGen's publisher appears to bluntly answer most of Millar's questions, but I'll tell you, if you're old enough to understand a bit about life and business and how they interact and should be kept seperate, there's some scary, scary shit in what Alessi has to say. Millar's definitely trying to make a point with his interview, obviously knows a bit more than he's saying, and the whole thing kind of scares the hell out of me. Check it out.

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