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Saturday, August 03, 2002

Some Days -- Some days just blow. Today, on balance, wasn't nightmarish -- but it featured one really depressing moment. My car failed its inspection to the tune of $500.00 worth of needed repairs to make it legal again. Now, I've had the car for three years and put nearly 100,000 miles on it without any major repairs, so amortizing it out over three years it isn't that much, but this is not a time when I can easily pull $500.00 out of the ether. I was going to say "out of my ass," but I decided that would be too coarse. Also, no one would want the money, then.

The car is definitely worth keeping, though. Barry Windsor-Smith called it "Zippy," when he rode in it not long after I bought it, and then James Kochalka called it "Shiny," during his ride in the Doanemobile. Yes, two famous and scary-talented comics superstars have put their asses in the passenger seats and entrusted their lives to me and my nigh-terrifying driving skills. Well, they're still around to tell the tale, right? So in a sense, the car is a collector's item! I wonder if I could get CGC to "slab" it?



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