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Friday, July 26, 2002

The Friday Briefing -- Saturday morning the wife and I plan to rouse the kids at some godawful hour and drive hours and hours and hours to take them to Boston. It's been a long, long time since we made any road trips, and my wife wants them to see the New England Aquarium (within 5 miles of two famous comics shops, Comicopia and Million Year Picnic), so in the interests of my fascination with fish (Mmm, shrimp! Clams! Scallops!), we're outta here Saturday morning.

What this means for you, old friend, is that my reviews will be late this week. In fact, the late-this-week reviews will probably appear early next week. Say, Monday or Tuesday. But fear not, there is stuff in my review stack, and once I stack 'em up, sooner or later, like magic, or magick even, the reviews get written.

One book I plan to review and which you need to go out and but right now, even before I complete this sentence, which I'm making long to give you time to see the error of your ways and go already, is Tom Beland's True Story Swear to God #3: Moments. Beland, frankly, is a master storyteller whose romantic-but-not-falsely-sentimental story didn't bring me to tears, but it came goddamned close. To say anymore would be to come close to reviewing it, but please support Tom's effort to tell this story. It's good comics.

As for my thoughts on Rob Lowe leaving The West Wing, which I know you've been wondering about, well, the writing was on the wall there for a long time. Yes, his character was originally supposed to be the focus of the show. I was originally supposed to be fabulously wealthy because I was the mastermind behind a successful internet startup, too. If only I'd have done it a year or two earlier. If only Martin Sheen weren't a more interesting actor than Rob Lowe. Boo-hoo, pass me a tissue. No, seriously, the thought that Rob was only getting $75-goddamned-thousand-dollars a week is so sad!

Hey, I liked Sam Seaborn. I may even come to miss him once Rob collects his 16 weeks worth of $75-goddamned-thousand-dollar paychecks before bowing out. But you know, when you have a good thing going, man, sometimes it's a good idea to let it ride and not get whiny and bitchy about how things were supposed to be.

I actually met the guy who lived next door to Rob Lowe when he was growing up, conservative talk show host Mike Gallagher. Looking into his eyes while he snapped his gum was like looking into the unknowable void. I swear, I actually heard wind whistle through his ears.

I may try to get another weblog entry in before I leave Saturday morning. If not, hey, have a good weekend, and go buy Tom Beland's comic book. It's good for you.

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