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Tuesday, July 23, 2002

The Appeal of Honest Junk -- Not that Rob Liefeld hasn't lied on occasion, and more frequently engaged in ridiculous spin-doctoring to justify his lateness and bizarre quasi-talents, but...

I am really looking forward to Liefeld's new Youngblood series with Mark Millar.

Millar is a shameless self-promoter whose work is soaked in hype and more often than not tends to disappoint in some manner. You can always count on his scripts to be over-the-top in a "Hey, look at me!" kind of way that can be entertaining when he has the right artist (Quitely, Hitch) or boring and redundant when he has the wrong one (whichever Kubert boy is drawning Ultimate X-Men this month).

But for some reason, the honest stupidity of the idea of Millar and Liefeld teaming up to produce a new Youngblood mini-series fascinates me.

I know it won't be art. I know it won't even be very good in the generally understood sense -- that's not even possible -- but seeing these two hucksters create a superhero story is guaranteed to provide some sort of perverse pleasure. I can't wait to see Millar's overblown, every-character-sounds-the-same dialogue coming out of those Liefeld mouths, with their thousands and thousands of tiny little baby teeth. I can't wait to see Millar craft plots to send Liefeld's characters hobbling into action on their tiny little ankles and malformed feet. There's no way this can suck.

It's going to be like watching two 747s that you know are empty smash into each other at 30,000 feet. It's going to be loud, it's not going to hurt anyone (I mean, really, who could have high expectations from this?!?), and it's going to be spectacular!

I don't know, I know it's perverse, but...I can't wait.



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