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Tuesday, June 25, 2002

Entry 0025 -- Paul Weissburg's new Hoopla! makes an excellent point -- what the fuck happened to Brian Wood's Pounded? I'd read and enjoyed the first two issues of the series, a three-issue mini from Oni. In the third issue, the storytelling utterly collapses, with Wood apparently so enamoured of his loathesome lead character that he suddenly turns the entire world of the series on its ear and makes everyone like the utterly despicable cretin. Pounded #3 is a great example of what can go disastrously wrong with a book when a writer fails to adhere to any sort of logic, consistency or responsibility to telling the story. If you read the first two issues, you know this third one isn't even set on the same goddamned planet. Too bad, it was shaping up to be a good series, but the finale is criminally awful and more than a little misogynistic in its implications.



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