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Monday, June 24, 2002

Entry 0024 -- Pat Robertson is on my television. He's being interviewed, as if he knows anything, on CNN. I suppose this is CNN bowing to the popularity of right wing extremist "news" provider Fox News.

All I can say is that Robertson is clearly a demon, and watching him on my television being interviewed like some sort of elder statesman sickens me beyond my ability to easily express. The man is a fucking demon, not a news commentator. Why don't they ask him if he still concurs with Jerry Falwell when Falwell said he believed that gays and lesbians helped the terrorist attacks of September 11th happen. Robertson said, "Well, I totally concur." This is someone whose opinion is to be respected? No, this is someone who should be tossed out by his congregation and forced to live in exile and disgrace. Because that's what he is -- a national fucking disgrace.



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