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Sunday, June 16, 2002

Entry 0013 -- Radio is an inbred environment where, over the course of years, you may find yourself working with the same people at different stations, for different companies, any number of times. My friend and co-worker Bob and I are now at the third station we've worked at since I first met him around 1990. A couple jobs back he was actually my boss, but currently we're both producers at an NPR affiliated station, and as he's one of the nicest, most decent people I've known in my life, it's good to be working with him again on a daily basis.

So, every year Bob has a big party at the start of the summer, BBQ, lots of people invited, it's a fairly major event for anyone who's worked in the Albany-Saratoga Springs-Glens Falls radio community in the past two decades.

The party was yesterday, and I had a great time. I saw people I haven't been in touch with in probably 10 or 12 years, as well as people Bob and I have worked with at those three stations and others. I don't go to many parties anymore (my 7 PM bedtime kind of negates most opportunities), so it was great to see lots of old faces and share memories and catch up on what everyone is doing now.

Two things struck me. One is that the consolidation of the radio industry has really hurt those on the industry's lowest rung -- the actual air talent -- and is driving away good people who need to find other careers to both be creative and make enough money to support themselves and their families.

Second was that, man, we're all getting old. There were a lot of young kids at this thing, and one extremely bright and industrious mom brought a big bag of toys to keep them busy. A couple times a stray monkey or action figure came flying down from the bedroom where they were playing on the second floor, but for the most part the kids were extremely well-behaved, and having them all there with us was an interesting reminder that life is ticking along for each of us.


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