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Friday, June 14, 2002

Entry 0010 -- Blame my lack of entries on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I bought the boxed DVD set of Season Two on Tuesday and have been watching it during most of my free time the rest of the week. So, not only have I had little time to update the weblog, but frankly nothing interesting has happened to me because I've been on the couch, watching TV.

I'm up to the episodes that made me buy the set in the first place, when Angel loses his soul and becomes an evil vampire again. It occurs to me that David Boreanaz must have had a blast during this time -- it's fun playing evil -- and it's really fascinating to me to see how quickly in the second season the series settled into the high-quality that has marked it mostly ever since. The first season set has some real clunkers, but the actors, plots, scripts, everything has come together well in this second season. Highly recommended.

Alan the Couch Potato is also looking forward to the Babylon 5 DVD set coming this fall. I actually, geek that I am, already have every episode on VHS, but after a few years they've started to degrade, so the DVDs are most welcome. Babylon 5 is probably my all-time favourite TV series, and I am still in awe how JMS managed to maintain the dramatic focus of his planned story-arc over five years of impending cancellations, actor migrations and general apathy from the world at large. If you've never watched this series, take it from me, it's a high-water mark for science-fiction television, even with some admitted flaws.


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