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Saturday, June 08, 2002

Entry 0004 -- My wife and I took the kids for a nice afternoon in Albany today. I don't know if all state capitols are as nice as New York's, but the Empire State Plaza is a beautifully designed area filled with greenery and a long, shallow reflecting pool that is home to, as my daughter Kira called them, "Public ducks." It was a sunny day, but cool -- only 69 degrees according to the radio (what radio DJ Bob Mason used to call "Capitaland's Favourite Temperature") -- and we enjoyed strolling through the giant sculptures and along the reflecting pool. A teenage girl and her mom were there, the girl sketching one of the sculptures, and other than them we pretty much had the place to ourselves. It was nice to let the kids run around and yell and play, since our apartment building provides no yard to speak of and otherwise they only get to behave thusly at recess in school.

Stopped at Earthworld and saw JC and the gang and bought some more comics, including Green Lantern #150, Bipolar #2, Spider-Man: Blue #1, and the Neil Gaiman/P. Craig Russell Murder Mysteries hardcover. I must be insane; I have at least a foot-high stack of other books and comics to go through, including Dave McKean's Cages, Gil Kane's Blackmark, and Steve Niles's Savage Membrane. I also began reviewing some of this week's comics, and hope to have those up either tomorrow or Monday.

Speaking of Monday, I haven't yet decided on how the weblog will affect the Monday Briefing column. I didn't have time to get one done this past week, but that doesn't mean I'm done with it. Anyone with an opinion one way or another is welcome to let me know what they think. I'd also be curious to know if anyone would like to receive these weblog entires in e-mail form as well; there's a good chance you'd be getting them a few hours earlier than they go up on the website, at least for a while. Let me know if you're interested and if enough people are, I'll set something up.


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