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Saturday, June 08, 2002

Entry 0003 -- The good and bad thing about the internet is, especially for somebody like me who's online a lot (i.e., "too much"), you never know what the morning e-mail is going to bring. For the past few months, ever since Jason Marcy joined Comic Book Galaxy, I can almost always count on a friendly note from him in my inbox. I get up early -- between 2 and 3 AM every day, even on my days off (to keep my circadian rhythm, you know, rhythmic) -- but Jason must get not much later, because other than spam (this morning I had an offer to "cum right now!" waiting for me -- how generous! Thanks, pussyx67845!) Jay is usually the first person I hear from.

He's as dentally paranoid as I am (much moreso, come to think of it -- or should I say cum to think of it?), and lately his wife is having dental issues as well, so we are all commiserating over our misery, fear and attempts at Good Dental Health over the vast interconnected network of computers (and a few more primitive toasters, Slinkys and at least one Etch-A-Sketch/Abacus system I know of) known as "The Internet." I've told Jay before that his e-mails always cheer me up, and they do. They've become a daily feature of my life.

I got another e-mail early this morning from a reader of the site who said "I really want to express is that I don't like politics mixed in with my entertainment (or entertainment news/opinions). I promise to try not to read that sort of thing in the future, curious though I may be, but...Well, I'd probably want to sound off now and then, too, if I had a forum like yours."

This was in response to my column "What Kind of Terrorist Are You?" that ran earlier this week. I had actually been expecting much more of this type of backlash, but so far this is the only one, and he at least acknowledges the passion I feel for the subject by saying "I'd probably want to sound off now and then, too." Believe me, up until about 10 minutes before I wrote that column I didn't even know it was coming. It took me about 15 minutes to write, fueled entirely by outrage. I certainly feel free to comment on anything I choose to on Comic Book Galaxy, but even I admit this was an unusual case. And an outrageous one. I urge anyone with an opinion on the subject of abortion terrorists to contact their legislators (as I have) and let them know you want the War on Terror to include domestic as well as foreign terrorists. Otherwise, it's not much of a war, is it?


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