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Within certain segments of the population, Bruce Campbell is a star with name recognition on par with Cruise, Hanks and Schwarzenegger. He is the star of the "Evil Dead" films and "Bubba Ho-Tep." The rest of the world might remember him from small parts in the "Spider-Man" films and "The Hudsucker Proxy."

It's been a busy year for Campbell, he has appeared in the film "Sky High," the upcoming "The Woods" and "Man With the Screaming Brain," premiering Sept. 10 on the Sci-Fi Channel. Campbell wrote, directed and stars in the film. He also wrote an adaptation of the movie for Dark Horse Comics. Campbell became an author in 2001 with the best-selling "If Chins Could Kill: Confessions of a B-Movie Actor." His most recent book, "Make Love the Bruce Campbell Way," was published in June.

After the whole Dan Rather/military documents thing, the media has been accused of not checking things thoroughly, so I have to ask, was there a little bit of exaggeration in the book?

It's called a novel. It says it right there on the cover. So, I don't know what to tell you. Everything about it is fake, every word in the book is B.S., basically.

Um, yeah, I was kidding. Do you have any ideas for your next book?

In the real world, which is where I live, I'm not in the position to do that. My current book has to make money first before I can start thinking about the next one. In many cases the creative decisions are based on economic factors.

How does the process of writing a book compare with writing a movie?

It's pretty different, because in a book, you can imagine anything, nothing is too expensive or too difficult to do. In writing a movie script, that's a huge factor. It's much more liberating than writing a script. If you're thinking about making a movie, you have to factor so much stuff in.

I watched Bubba Ho-Tep again last night, did it seem surreal battling a mummy with the man who delivered the eulogies for Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr.

I never related the two, honestly. I view the movie world differently than the average person, because as an actor, you separate everything. It wasn't weird, it was very cool to spend time with that guy before he passed on.

You starred in a "Herbie the Love Bug" movie, do you think could beat Lindsey Lohan in a race?

I'll do you one better. It's either her, or me or Dean Jones; Disney doesn't really care who drives the car. Herbie lives on; the driver can change. It's like Batman. What are we, on our fifth Batman? It's pathetic, this summer. It's one of the most embarrassing summers I've seen. Basically everything is sequel or remake, update, upgrade, lowgrade, downgrade. That's why I don't feel bad doing B-movies. B-movies are where it's at. The A-movies are all B-movies now anyway. If you get bitten by a radioactive spider, I got news for you: that's a B-movie. You dress up as a bat and fly around the city, that's a B-movie. Even "War of the Worlds," aliens attacking the planet, it's no different than the movie I did for the Sci-fi channel, "Alien Apocalypse." They just had a lot more money.

Are you going to be in "Spider-Man 3"? And if so, will you thwart Spider-Man this time?

Unfortunately, they never tell you until about two weeks before you do it. It's all very hush hush, these big studio films. You might find out "Oh my god, it's the Lizard," or whoever.

You recently wrote a story in "The Hire," and a comic book adaptation "Man with the Screaming Brain", are there more comic books in the works?

I'd like to, but again, the jury is out. The financial jury is out. I have a lot of ideas.

How likely are we to see "Bubba Ho-Tep 2 "or "Evil Dead 4"?

That's been held up because Sony just purchased MGM. MGM is interested in doing it. That's the main stick there. Until they figure out whose desk is whose, nothing much is going to happen. I have no idea, honestly, I don't really think about it. People spend a lot more time thinking about it than I do. I've had 12 years to think about Ash, once Sam Raimi is done with the gravy train, we may turn back. I'm okay either way.

-- Joe Lawler

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The ADD Blog by Alan David Doane. Trouble with Comics Reviews of comics and graphic novels. Commentary about the artform and industry of comics. Get back to the main page.

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